How it works (“Soma”) is a company owned by Vivita LLC. We seek to make it easier for clients and personal chefs to find each other by providing a comprehensive directory of personal chefs in the United States and a way for clients to request bookings.

Are you looking for a personal chef?

A personal chef is a great way for anyone who is in a busy period in their life to eat home-cooked healthy meals while getting several hours back in their week to catch up at work, make progress on home projects or take care of yourself. So if that’s you, you’re in the right place!

To find a personal chef, start at our home page and use the filters on the right to select your location, type of cuisine and price range. Then click on the profiles of the chefs that match your search criteria to see the chef’s experience, sample menus, and other information.

On Soma, the price of personal chef services are quoted by the hour, with a certain minimum number of hours which may depend on the chef. On the chef’s profile page, you will see a description of the services the chef may deliver within the minimum booking time (for example, grocery shopping and preparing 4 entrees with 4-6 servings each). You also can add more time if you need it (for example, hosting a multi-course meal for 12 or more people). In most cases, the prices estimated on our website does not include the cost of ingredients. If the client requests that the personal chef shop for ingredients before cooking day, then the personal chef will bring a receipt for the ingredients and the client will be expected to reimburse the personal chef for that amount. In some cases, the personal chef may ask that the client put a deposit down for the cost of ingredients which can be facilitated by Soma.

Once you request to book a personal chef on our website, he/ she will receive a notice with your request. You will then receive a confirmation for your booking within 3 business days. Clients and personal chefs may use Soma’s messaging system to finalize menus and other details before or after the booking request.

On the day of your cooking day, your personal chef will arrive at your home and create the delicious dishes you requested while you relax, exercise, spend time with family, make progress on that work project or run errands!

Are you a chef interested in being listed on our website?

We are always looking for great new chefs from a wide variety of backgrounds to join our website! Please fill out the New Chef Registration form and a member of our team will reach out to you within 2 business days.