How do gift cards work?

Gift cards for personal chef services can be a wonderful present for new parents, a family going through sickness or bereavement, or just someone looking to change their diet. We offer gift cards that would allow recipients to book a wide range of personal chefs in their city that are featured on our website. Gift card amounts are indexed to the median cost in a given city of booking a personal chef for approximately 7 hours, enough for most chefs to cook 5 meals with 4 servings each (20 servings total). To purchase a gift card, go to our home page and type in “gift card” to see all the gift cards we offer by city.

Once you purchase a gift card, you will receive an email requesting the contact information of the recipient. We will then contact the recipient of your gift card and help them select a personal chef that best meets their needs, select a menu and schedule their booking. The gift card recipient would typically be responsible for paying any ingredient costs.

If the recipient does not use the gift card within 6 months, the original purchaser may request a refund on the gift card after 6 months and before 12 months from the gift card purchase date.

For any further questions, please feel free to contact us at