FAQ – for personal chefs

Why should I sign up on Soma as a personal chef?

Soma seeks to serve both personal chefs and clients as customers! For personal chefs, it means we strive to make it easier for personal chefs to find new clients to build and expand your business through building up our site traffic and establishing strategic partnerships to help attract more potential clients to our site.

I’m listed on your website. How can I modify/ add/ update the information in my profile?

Thank you for visiting! We encourage personal chefs to make their profile information as detailed and updated as possible as it increases the chances of a potential client requesting a booking with you. If you were a client and you were comparing between two profiles, one with a lot of detailed information on menu items with great pictures and the other with very little information, wouldn’t you be more likely to book the one offering more information?

The first step in modifying your profile is to claim it. Please send us an email at team@somapersonalchef.com with the subject “Claiming personal chef profile” and send us the link that you believe is your profile. Once we verify your identity (for example, by sending you an email to the website that is connected to that profile), you will have direct access to your profile to make any modifications you wish.

I’m listed on your website but I want to remove my listing. How can I do this? 

Please let us know if you are no longer operating as a personal chef by sending an email to team@somapersonalchef.com. If you are continuing to operate as a personal chef, our current policy is that we don’t remove listings as the information we gather and publish to help clients find great personal chefs near them are public facts and of public concern. If you would like to modify or update the information on the website, please follow the directions above to do so.

Why do you estimate pricing by the hour rather than some other way (by meal or serving for example)?

Please see FAQs – Hourly Pricing Estimates

Where do the hourly pricing estimates come from, especially if I am not pricing by the hour on my own website?

Please see FAQs – Hourly Pricing Estimates

It is also important to note that Soma encourages personal chefs to contact us about any corrections to information that they wish to make and that personal chefs are never obligated to take any booking requests that come through Soma.

If I have existing clients, does Soma now get involved in those clients too?

No, Soma only benefits when we introduce a client to you that books through Soma. If you already have clients who have been booking with you outside of Soma and are happy to continue to do so, Soma does not get involved in that relationship.

How does Soma make money?

Soma applies a 15% fee to all bookings made through our website.

Where do you get the information on your chef profiles?

We have gathered information for our chef profiles through personal chefs’ websites.